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Into The Woods Candle

Into The Woods Candle

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Juliette has her own business called handmade by Juliette, in which she makes a range of candles, diffusers and soaps. She trained in perfumery evaluation where she worked in a fragrance house in the south of France and then onto developing bespoke products for niche brands in the UK. Juliette has always been keen to learn how everything was made and expand on her already extensive knowledge of Fragrance.

The Into The Woods candle is inspired by the wooded countryside of rural East Sussex where fields are interspersed with rolling hills, copses and woodland. Because intensive farming doesn’t work in this small landscape, we still have quiet woods where you can lose yourself among the emerging leaves and bluebells in spring, the silent, intense green of summer and the sensation and sounds of leaves crushed underfoot in autumn and winter.

Notes of spring leaves, meadow grass and birch leaves blend into autumn berries, bark, mosses, amber and patchouli as the scent fills your room.. Light a candle and immerse your self in nature, lift your eyes to the green canopy above and breathe.

Juliette's sustainable soy wax candles use the highest quality wax from renewable sources and produce a superior clean burn with excellent scent throw, to give you a real sensory experience whichever scent you choose. Each fragrance is designed especially for her collection using a high level of essential oils combined with fragrance ingredients to create evocative scents built around everyday ingredients from the garden. and the wild

All candles are hand made in England

Burn time approx. 45 hours

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