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Patchwork Wire Headband

Patchwork Wire Headband

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These vibrant wire headbands are created with Ankara Wax cotton fabrics.

Each one of the patchwork headbands are unique and quirky. *PLEASE NOTE* all of the patchwork designs and colours will vary. Orders will not match the fabric in the pictures but will be just as colourful.

The patchwork fabric was handmade by a team of Ghanaian tailors. They rescue leftover cutoffs of fabric from tailors in the local area to create beautiful patchwork fabric.

The fabric is then created into a wired head band locally in East Sussex by Mashona Designs.

They always stays in place with modelling wire for easy manipulation, a perfect way to create a flawless look quickly. Just twist and go.

Size 82 cm x 6 cm approx

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